Horrors in Dimentia

The Count and Journey Into Darkness
Count Castle Ghost Spirit Paranormal

Our heroes journey starts in the nearest village in the tavern. A mysterious cloaked stranger sits in the corner of the tavern and looks distressed. It appears that this stranger were once a nobleman, but he was driven from his family castle, and a family relic has been forgotten in all the chaos. The nobleman looked at our heroes, and asked for their help to receive the relic from the castle in exchange of a small hep of gold. The heroes agreeed to help the stanger and journeyed forth to the castle Kradhelm. In the dark of the night on the way to the castle, did the heroes agree to rest until dawn to avoid any dark and wild creatures. The heroes hid their cart in the woods, and began to rest. In the middle of the night is one of our heroes uneased, and wakes up to the sound of violent and loud violins, and the hero became stucked by fear. But the violins music stops short after it began, and now the only thing the hero could hear was the cold chilling sound of a childs laughter in the dark…

The hero sprints to his companions and wakes one of the other heroes! But when the awoken hero looks at the frightend hero it is not the kind and normal face of his companion, but instead a mutulated and disfigured face of horror… The frightend hero yells in shock at his companion but the mutulated face vanishes at the second he does, and now the companion’s face is back to normal. The companion was nothing but confused and asked what was wrong, the frightend hero tried to explain but with no use.. Now they journey forth once more to the castle.

At the entrance to the castleyard stands two big gargoyles on two pillars on the castlewall. 3 of the heroes walks right though, but one of our heroes feels a slight unease with these bodies of stone and turns around to find that the gargoyles also has turn around, and are now looking right at them! The heroes react violently and casts magic after the gargoyles,and managed to destroy one of them and afterwards journeyed forth to their main task..

At the entrance to the castlehall the heroes stops for a second, and thinks about what could happen if they just tread into the castle. But alas the heroes steps over the doorstep into the castle and instantly a booming voice greets the heroes. The count of this castle greets the heroes, almost like they were long lost friends. The heroes explains to the count what they have been asked to do, and asks the count if its okay for them to roam the castle. The count gives happily his permisson to the heroes. The count returns to his study, and the heroes are left alone to do their quest..

One of the heroes wants a map and thinks that the count have a map showing the castle ground. Our sly hero tries to search the counts books and belongings in the study, but the count catches the hero and says that it is not neccessary to search though his belongings to get a map. And then the count gives our hero a map and returns to his chair..



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